'A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting his shoes.'

--Mark Twain

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This Website is the personal creation of Lama Shree Narayan Singh. It has been prepared at his own initiative with the sole intent of serving the cause of truth. It has not been inspired or sponsored by any person, organisation & tradition, Buddhist or otherwise. The Lama himself accepts full responsibility for all its contents.

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“Before we were born, a whole society of storytellers was already here. The story tellers who were here before us taught us how to be human. First they told us what we are -- a boy or a girl -- then they told us who we are, and who we should or shouldn’t be. From the storytellers, we learned how to create our own story. By exploring the story that we create, I discovered that the story has a voice. You can call it ‘thinking’ if you want. I call it ‘the voice of knowledge’ because it’s telling you everything you know. It’s always trying to make sense out of everything. That voice is always there. It’s not even real, but you hear it. You can say, ‘Well, it’s me. I’m the one who is talking.’ But if you are talking then who is listening?

The voice of knowledge can also be called the liar who lives in your head. The liar speaks in your language, but your spirit, the truth has no language. You just know truth: you feel it. The voice of your spirit tries to come out, but the voice of the liar is stronger and louder and it hooks your attention almost all of the time!”

Eckhart Tolle quoted in Times of India, Patna , Sunday Mar 19, 06

This web site represents my own personal journey through life in which flux is the only constant. It is thus the natural law that what one is, must necessarily change with time, with maturity, with growth and with experience!

A variety of topics are dealt with here with frankness, integrity and an open heart! Naturally they represent my own peculiar point of view. They are being made available to the world not as definitive statements which even the historical Buddha was not wont to make. The intent is to stimulate people to think and arrive at their own conclusions which may or may not be in consonance with mine or even commonly held beliefs. Every single one of us is unique -- the product of a particular time space capsule in history!

The globalised world is pluralistic -- it is necessary for each one of us to accept vast differences in individual perception and live comfortably with each other, acknowledging each other’s individuality, within this vast diversity infinite in expanse. It would be ridiculous to expect others to value and accept that which I hold valid and true. Each person’s verities are different. The world has advanced from the medieval times of the Malleus Maleficum when attempts were made to strait jacket the world to a particular dogma. We now refer to the rights of individuals to chose what they wish to be so long as it does not infringe on others!

The bottom line is the desire to emphasise the dangers of unbridled authoritarianism accountable to none. Those who courageously venture through this journal will certainly find a thread of disenchantment with life deriving from the fact that no human situation, however seemingly perfect from the outside, is ever flawless.

The greatest damper to both collective and individual happiness is encountered when the imperfect arrogate to themselves the role of ‘Defender of the Faith’ be it in any religion. Even Shakyamuni Buddha had never ever forwarded such a claim concerning himself either overtly or covertly. It is the more surprising that various holders of Buddhist traditions extant clearly imply this in their daily life. It is in the context of the living that the logic of Vasubandhu and Stcherbatsky are truly relevant. Unfortunately for the most part however, it remains confined to sterile philosophical analysis!

Sir Edwin Arnold, the renowned oriental scholar, succinctly states:

"The extravagancies which disfigure the record and practice of Buddhism may be referred to that inevitable degradation which priesthoods always inflict upon great ideas committed to their charge".

Over the years I have developed an ambivalent appreciation of the Hinduism into which I have been born. Those who have no window on the world other than their own, will find it extremely difficult to understand this aspect of me. It would actually be quixotic for me to attempt to deny or reject my heritage. Overwhelmed as I am in this country by Hindu cultures, there exists no possibility whatsoever of removing oneself from its influence! Suffice it to state that the two preceding centuries have seen three distinct attempts in India to break free from the stranglehold of Brahminism.

The first to speak out was the great reformer and educationist, Raja Ram Mohan Roy. He created the Brahmo Samaj early nineteenth century. The end of that century saw the establishment of the Arya Samaj by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. He found through his studies that prior to the advent of Adi Shankaracharya c. 450 CE only the Four Vedas and an equal number of the older Upanishads were extant. All else which claimed to be Hindu or Sanatana are clearly later embellishments, the creation of Brahminism!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive unexpectedly, support for this point of view from a family friend recently. Retired as a Wing Commander from the Indian Air Force, he has been devoting his spare time to the study of Indian scriptures, meditation and pujas. He went on to elaborate that in all subsequent literature, particularly the puranas, one really had to search for the truth!

The third cleavage was engendered by Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the messiah of the downtrodden in India . He had boldly declared that although born a Hindu, he would not die one! His erudition and personal search inspired him to adopt Buddhism, rejecting outright the Hindu vision. The twenty two vows his followers are required to take provides deep insights into the fallacies of his parent tradition.

It is true that there are great people in this world! It is equally true that the greater virtue is common sense and the greatest amongst all is its application!

So dear reader, welcome to my inner world where the warp is insights and the weft confusion! In the true spirit of modern scholarship, it is yours to mull over, accept or reject! I would love to receive constructive feedback, necessary for my personal growth, since the term heresy is no longer a driving force in the modern world.

May communication flow freely between heaven earth and man for the common good!



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